Royal High, Class of 1976 - 40th Reunion
Saturday, June 25th, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

Free Membership is available to all Alumni from Royal, Apollo and Simi High Schools.  Simply click on the "Mailing List Sign-Up" tab located on the left hand side of this News page.  Then fill out the form and click on Submit.  Remember, your contact information will NEVER be given out to anyone without your prior approval.  You will never receive any email Spam or calls from any person or business.

Only Members can sign up for our Events and Reunions.  As a member, we will also post your business on our site for FREE (see "Alumni Businesses"
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. Once you have signed up as
a member, your email MUST remain operational. If for any reason your email becomes invalid, your name
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We currently try to have two or three Events each year. Once during the Spring (April or May), where we will try for a more family oriented Event such as a Picnic, and once during the fall (October) where it will be more of a night time party Event for all of our Alumni and Guest. We also like to try and have a Get-Together in Las Vegas each year in the month of February. The weather is great at that time and prices are at their lowest. We are however, always open to new idea and suggestions from our members when
it comes to different types of Venues. We are all getting older each day, and there is no reason why we shouldn't be together to sing, dance and enjoy the company of old friends once again.
Life is Short!
Live It While You Can,

YES! The Simi Valley Alumni Group
(SVAG) is made up of all graduating classes from Royal, Apollo and Simi High Schools. We will help promote your Class Reunion and even help you organize one as well in conjunction with one of our Events. There is NO CHARGE for this service. Basically, we have taken the Paid Reunion Companies out of the equation and are now re-defining your standard high school reunion. That's because we are all fellow Alumni from Simi Valley, CA and strive to bring all of our classes together again. All we ask is that you help us by contributing your time and effort when it comes to putting your Class Reunion together.

Membership! We need all Alumni to help spread the word about The SVAG. The more members we have, the bigger and better our Events will be. Each member is asked to contact other Alumni and have them sign up and become a member as well.

We also ask that members help us by contributing their skills and talents to our group such as musical, business, advertising, artistic and organizational. We are a Non-Profit Group, and all we ask is that Members help by donating their free time and energy if possible.
In early 2007, a few of us, four to be exact, made contact again after not seeing each other for 35 years. We all agreed that we wanted to bring all of our classmates and friends together again.  But our friends were not just Royal High School Alumni, but Apollo and Simi High as well. So we decided to try and contact as many old friends as possible and meet for an Unofficial Class Reunion in September 2007.
Our first Get-Together consisted of just seven (7) friends and classmates.  Today (2012), we have grown to just over 2000 members. To verify our numbers please check out our Photo Page and Members List here and on Facebook.

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Attention All Alumni Business Owners,

The SVAG would like to offer all of our Alumni the opportunity to advertise their business Free of charge on our Website.  To qualify all you have to do is meet the following criteria and email us the requested information below.

  1.   You must be an Alumnus from either, Royal, Apollo or Simi High School.

  2.   You must be a member of this group (See “Mailing List Sign Up” page).

  3.  Your business must be legitimate, respectful and socially accepted.

Please email us the following information about your business

  A.  What category would you place your business in the phone book?

  B.  Your full BUSINESS NAME.

  C.  Your business Logo in a .jpg or .gif format.

  D.  If available, your URL (web link) to your business.

  E.   Your Name, High School and Year Graduated.

  F.   Your Business Address, or at least City and State.

  G. Your Business phone number and/or email address.

We hope that this small contribution on our part will assist all of our Alumni members during these difficult financial times.   We also hope that all Alumni would seek the services and products of other Alumni on this web site.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or are in need of assistance.


Your Current and High School Photos
You may have noticed our "Then and Now" folder, located  on our "Alumni Photo Page". There you will find Photos of our Alumni, one Current  and one High School photo. We would love to add yours as well.  If you would, scan a photo of you from High School (preferably your graduation photo) and also a recent photo of you.  Email them to us at the address below with your Full Name, (include your Maiden name ladies) High School. Graduation Year and year that your Current Photo was taken. That's all there is to it, we'll do the rest!

    Other Simi Valley & High School Photos
Any and all photos that you may want to scan and donate to our Web Site from Simi Valley and from Back in The Day, especially High School would be greatly appreciated. Please remember to give Full Details about each photo, such as Year Taken, Where Taken and The Full Details of the people in the photo.  We will mark your photo as "Donated by You" before we post it to our Photo Pages.  See our "Alumni Photo Page" located on this web site for suggestions on what kind of photos we are looking for. Basically, any Simi Valley Nostalgia will be a great asset to this Web Site and our fellow Alumni.
Email Photos To:


Royal High Graduation Practice, June 1974
(L-R) Vince Alvarez, Dale Smith, Sam Perry,
Don Cleveland and Adam Hellenbrand
I guess we should start off by saying WHY we have a Cancellation Policy.

As many of you already know there is No Profit in putting these Get-Togethers, Events and Reunions on. We do these solely to bring old Friends and Class Mates from Simi Valley California together again. Honestly, that's the only reason!!!

To arrange these Gathering we try to get the best deals we can from Hotels, Restaurants, Banquet Rooms, Night Clubs, and any other business that will  benefit our fellow Alumni during one of our Events.

We are asked point blank in the beginning by these businesses what
kind of crowd (numbers) will be coming
to their establishment.  Of course, Larger numbers mean better discounts for all of us. For example, the more hotel rooms we book, the cheaper the room price is for all of us.

When we give these Businesses a head count of  our fellow Alumni who will be attending their establishment, they in return give us a much lower rate than the general public would receive.  At that point, we begin to add names to our Guest List, Make Name Tags, and sometimes hire people to help us. This all takes time, effort and money to accomplish. Sometimes we will charge our Alumni and Guest a $5.00 cover charge to help us out with the expenses.  That's not bad for an evening out.

Now we totally understand when someone needs to contact us and Cancel, we have no problems with that. We just remove your name from the list and let the Establishment know that our Guest List will be lower than expected. This is extremely important when a Restaurant needs to provide adequate  staffing to serve us.

The problem occurs when You Don't call and cancel with us and just not show up. Now our numbers are off, we've wasted time and expensive name tags and most establishments won't give us a break the next time we want to visit.  ALL WE ASK is for you to contact us and Cancel if you can not keep your reservation. We don't feel that is too much to ask.

As far as our Policy goes, If an Alumni or Guest makes a reservation with us and is a NO SHOW  three times in a row (without contacting us to cancel), then we will not add them to our Guest List on all Future Events.  Please, just be courteous and let us know if you can't make it.

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